The Team:

Panacea Film Productions is an independent film association founded by a group of inspired Bahá'í youth with the effort to utilise the media as a positive instrument of education, therefore creating a counter movement to todays TV generation of depressing depictions, of violence, moral laxity and ingrained prejudice. Realising the significance and impact of the media and in particular film they decided to bring Panacea to life. Shortly afterwards willing helpers were found.


It is important to understand that Panacea is not a Bahá’í institution. Rather it is a Bahá’í inspired organisation. It was founded by several Bahá’ís and many of its members are also members of the Bahá’í Faith. Further, its core values are inspired by the writings of the Bahá’í Faith. But these values are rapidly becoming universal values. Panacea has a number of non-Bahá’í members and supporters; it is registered in Germany as a non-profit association; and its members do not promote or seek to teach the Bahá’í Faith but rather support the further implementation of its values in todays society. If you are interested in the values and principles this project is based on please visit the official site of the Bahá'í International Community.



As of today the management consists of:


chairman: Sascha Gätzschmann

vice chairman: Iman Nagashian

finances: Iman Nagashian

secretary: Effi Dimitriou

vice secretary: Kian T. Gould

public relations: Kian T. Gould

communications: Anahita Khosravi

Panacea and its supporters:

A project like Panacea is highly dependant on support from individuals and organisations for means of financial aid, moral and spiritual support and assistence with the activities of the project. In this section you find a brief overview of our greatest supporters.


AOE media - for hosting, webdesign and providing all necessary video equipments.

Bahá'í Community of Germany - For many great friends that supported us from the first day.

EBBF - European Bahá'í Business Forum - for inspiration, support and networking opportunities.

The Bahá'í World Center Media Team - for moral support, guidance, connections and opportunities for new projects.

The International Board of Trustees of the Húququ'lláh - for giving us the opportunity of our very first DVD production

The Khadem Foundation - for moral and financial support, encouragement and help when needed.


Support Panacea

You want to support us? Please get in touch with us or use one of the many Donation options we offer on our site.