"It is clear and evident that the payment of the Right of God is conducive to prosperity, to blessing, and to honour and divine protection. Well is it with them that comprehend and recognize this truth and woe betide them that believe not." - Bahullh -

'Al Nakhjavn - Huqqu'llh Conference - Frankfurt/Germany 25/06/05

This DVD invites you to partake and enjoy 90 minutes of talks given by 'Al Nakhjavn at the Huqqullh Conference in Frankfurt/Germany on the 25/06/05. For your convenience the German translation has been omitted.


The DVD now comes with subtitles in German, English, French, Italien, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Swedish, Islandic, Finnish, Norwegian.



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DVD Contents:
The Right of God - Benefits & Wisdom of the Huqqullh
Questions & Answers
Memories of Childhood in the Holy Land


DVD Specifications:

Runtime combined: 90.81 mins

Resolution: 720x480

Video Source: NTSC/PAL (multiformat compatible)

Audio: English only (edited)

Subtitles: German, English, French, Italien, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Swedish, Islandic, Finnish, Norwegian

Region: Free