Mission Statement

Panacea Productions e.V.

[panacea: a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases]


-to support and promote social development projects and the advancement of moral education through the media-



The mission of Panacea is the advancement and promotion of social and moral values in modern society (i.e., the abolition of racism and other prejudices, the right to education for all and the equality of women and men) through means of media production in all its forms.  Its goal is to further the cause of moral education and leadership through media and to present solutions to present-day social issues.  In a world of moral laxity and ingrained prejudice, Panacea strives to offer concepts and ideas which may be used as solutions to problems, rather than merely identifying and confronting those problems.


The growing importance and changing role of media in an increasingly globalized world are both key factors for the realization that media both is and will continue to be a vital instrument in the education of future generations.  However, in today’s society, we witness the harmful influence that media can have on its audience and the damage it can wreak.  Various forms of media from around the world relay images and messages of violence, fear and sexual licentiousness and promote ever-decreasing moral standards.


Recognizing these factors, Panacea has made it its mission to create a counter-movement to this spread of moral decay.  Through the means of such media as film, audio and the internet, it aims to increase awareness of the essential importance of moral and social values as an indispensable component of humanity’s progress.  Its mission is to promote social projects through creating social and moral educational media for future generations and to make use of media in all its forms in order to further the cause of an ever-advancing human civilization.


In short the mission of Panacea is twofold;


Firstly and foremostly, it aspires to serve in the field of moral medial production. It aims to advance and promote values and morals through the creation of media materials.


Secondly, it will serve in the field of archiving historic materials such as time witness interviews. Panacea hopes that with this service it can make moments and events of today and the past accessible to the generations of tomorrow.


"Man is even as steel, the essence of which is hidden: through admonition and explanation, good counsel and education, the essence

will be brought to light. If, however, he be allowed to remain in his original condition, the corrosion of lusts and appetites will effectively

destroy him."

From the Bahá’í Writings